Who is J’aime Elle?

Hello beautiful! I’m Keshia and J’aime Elle Couture is my brand!

Pronounced Gem-Elle, we are multi-trend fashion brand, offering retail and custom clothing, upcycled and vintage pieces, as well as bling Crøcs and customized bling sneakers. All of our custom pieces are hand made and durable. Our JML Limited Collection offers active wear and unique sportswear. Our goal is to provide affordable, unique, and contemporary fashion.

We know that looking stylish can vastly improve your day. We are inspired by the shapely, unique, stylish, upscale woman who's looking for a blend of unique, but simply designed, limited-edition pieces that she'll love. You deserve to focus on being better and looking great, not like every one else!

No matter your collection choice, we are committed to providing you quality fashion that will last for years to come.

In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you should never compromise on quality. Fashion evolves, and so should you!

Start an evolution!